How To Save All Images Photos on Imgur


By reading instruction on this page, you will learn on how to Save All Images on Imgur by using our Fastest - Save Images Chrome Extension
(You can check this Installation & Basic Usage Of Fastezt - Save Images Extension to learn the basics about the tools)

How To Save All Images on Imgur

Steps to do:

  • Go to Imgur website
  • Click to extension icon on your top-right browser
  • The extension then open a small window for you to choose Save Mode
  • Click "All Larger Images On This Page And Relative Pages" button
  • A new chrome tab will be opened and the tool starting to getting images it found on previous site for you
  • After the tool has successfully loaded all the images, click "Save All Images Now" button
  • The images should be saved to your default saving folder
  • Enjoy!

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