Fastezt – Save Images Photos on Websites

Fast and Easy way to Save/Download All Images/Photos on the Website you visit!

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How to use: Installation & Basic Usage Of Fastezt – Save Images Extension


– Save full images from thumbnails
– Save highest quality images as possible
– Save whole gallery that is divided into pages (1, 2, 3, etc…)
– Floating button to quickly save single image
– Drag your mouse to save which are selected only
– Image Size Filter help you get rid of small, unwanted images
– Allow to preview images before you save the images
– Save even images on website that has some “weird behaviors” on images!
– Smart algorithms inside that help you to prevent duplicate images and only get the biggest, highest quality images

Support all popular websites:

Instagram, Twitter, Imgur, Reddit, Pinterest, DeviantArt, Blogger and much more!

Floating button to quickly save single image

Drag your mouse to save which are selected only

Save whole gallery that is divided into pages (1, 2, 3, etc…)

– Are you bored when have to right click and save image each time?
– Wonder if you have enough time or strength to save a gallery with 1000+ images?
– Have you ever frustrated when the site is refused you to save the image to your computer?
– Sometime you just can’t understand why the websites that let users upload a lot of great images but doesn’t come with a way to let users save it or share with others

Our tool is designed to solve all the headache issues above!
Our tool is developed by programmer that has passion in beauty images! He has experienced all the pain you have been through and he knows that we can make it more easier, faster so we always happy with our passion!
Our tool is built based on latest technology and very complex algorithms to deliver the best images result as possible.


There are 1.9 BILLION websites nowadays and the number is still raising rapidly. We do not guarantee the tool would work on all of them. Thank for your understanding!
P/S: You can email to us about the site you are having issue, highly chance that our developers would take a look at that site and help you out 🙂


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Current Available Corrections:

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  • Correct Commas(,) and Dots(.) Spacing
  • Capital First Letter at Beginning Sentences
  • Capital First Letter After Dots(.) Question Mark(?) Exclamation(!)
  • You can request more type of correction by Comment below. Thank you!

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Once again, Fast and Easy Tool to Correct Paragraphs!